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The FTK Labels and Packaging was founded in 1991, continues its commercial life of the packaging industry as one of the leading companies.

Production began with low density polyethylene films , product range has increased in following years.

We imported Single and multi storey films, that is not produced in our country, and developed our commercial activites.

I 2005, Our company started after producing film for PVC Body Sleve, developed printing division with rotagravur,flexo and letterpress investments , body sleeve and adhesive label is added to the our product range.

Committed to customer satisfaction, our company serves the body sleeve applications.


Since its inception, the '' quality '' oriented employees in our company, our mission is to produce quality rather than quality control.


The best and  an international company in the packaging and label industries.

FTK Etiket ve Ambalaj

Ftk Etiket

FTK Etiket ve Ambalaj

Ftk Etiket

FTK Etiket ve Ambalaj

FTK Etiket

FTK Etiket ve Ambalaj
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FTK Etiket & Ambalaj

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