Innovation in design closely follows the design strength of our high visual design team; Knowing the customer's expectations and an understanding aims to provide service beyond expectations.Our graphics department equipped with the latest technology you will help you achieve your dream package.

Our visual design team, they must pass a review to make it ready to print the documents you send.In all produce rapid and lasting solution to the problems they encounter.

PVC, PET, PP opaque, PP transparent, ultra-clear and metallic materials capable of printing Mock-up through our service, your product can be prepared packaging prototypes without the need for cut, roller or blades.

This system in only a few firms in Turkey, that you can see the result of going to press.Especially in the preferred sleeve labels for shaped packaging, we need to know to set warp carries us one step ahead of our competitors.

FTK Etiket ve Ambalaj
FTK Etiket ve Ambalaj
FTK Etiket ve Ambalaj

FTK Etiket & Ambalaj

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